How to Find Pet-Friendly Hotels Before You Travel

Aug 22, 2023Hotel Information

It can prove to be a challenging endeavor to travel with pets. Leaving your pet at home for a long time presents several issues, such as locating a pet sitter or boarding facility. Besides the additional cost of these services, leaving your favorite pet behind might be tough. They are, after all, part of your family.

Traveling with a pet might restrict your lodging selections when on the road. So, it’s crucial to conduct your homework and confirm that the hotel you are staying at is indeed pet-friendly before embarking on the exciting road trip with your furry best friend.

How to Research Pet-Friendly Hotels

Understanding what to search for to select the ideal pet-friendly hotels for your particular needs is critical. Your comfort and relaxation throughout your stay will depend on the hotel you pick, as it has to genuinely welcome both you and your pet. Here are several tips and recommendations to help you find a pet-friendly hotel with your dog, from booking the hotel to avoiding barking complaints.

Check the Hotel Website

In reality, many hotels that tout as pet-friendly are only pet-tolerant. Before making a reservation, check the hotel’s website to ensure it welcomes pets and to see what facilities are available.

Typically, all hotels for pets have a unique pet policy. There isn’t a standard pet policy that applies to, say, all hotels of one chain. Each one has a different policy. While it may take a bit of time, contacting your favorite chain hotels and compiling a spreadsheet of their pet-friendly options can make traveling much more manageable.

Search Online Travel Directories

Before settling on the perfect location for you and your pet, you’ll need to research the policies they offer. All hotels have a pet policy. These guidelines can get so intricate that a mini-online sector has cropped up to provide clear, straightforward information about them. Leveraging websites like BringFido and PetsWelcome as a starting point in your quest might be helpful. These websites are a fantastic resource. The major downside is that they are manually updated, so if a hotel changes its pet policy, it might get updated slowly.

Call the Hotel Directly

Traveling is already tough. You want to avoid reserving a hotel just to discover that no longer offers pet-friendly accommodations. Pet rules can change, so just because you noticed a hotel is pet friendly someplace doesn’t guarantee they continue operating with the identical pet policy.

The best approach is to contact the hotel directly, chat with a receptionist, verify their pet policy, and inquire about any restrictions. Understanding which questions to ask before booking might help you save time and money at the checkout.

Hotels that do not permit pets to stay can be easily eliminated as they will explicitly mention no during the phone call. If the hotel claims to be pet friendly, it’s worth reading the reviews to see what other pet owners have to say.

Comparing Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you are traveling with your dog, choosing a pet-friendly hotel is crucial. A hotel that accepts pets and provides excellent pet amenities will make your trip with your pet absolutely fantastic. Hotels may allow pets, but they will likely have rules in place to try and prevent problems like room damage, noise complaints, or bothering other visitors.

Once you find pet-friendly options, you can compare them to see the best choice. Here are a few ways to compare their offers to pick a stress-free and pleasant destination for your next vacation.

Pet Fees & Deposits

Hotels frequently charge extra pet fees to guests bringing their animals. On the other hand, many hotels will accept pets at no extra cost. Because each hotel’s pet cost is unique, it is vital to understand all there is to learn about pet fees before reserving your accommodation.

If a hotel imposes a pet fee, it is most likely charged per pet per night. This cost may be somewhat pricey at times, especially in premium hotels. Websites frequently use the term “Additional Costs May Apply” instead of disclosing the specifics of their pet fee. It is usually a good idea to phone the hotel directly in this situation and inquire about the particulars of their pet cost.

Breed & Size Restrictions

Several hotels have breed limitations and only allow specific dog breeds to stay. Many other hotels have size limits, so small pets are only allowed. Similar to how many hotels let dog owners check in with their cats but not with their dogs. Before checking in, it is advised that you always confirm with the hotel.

Additionally, a few pet-friendly hotels set a limit on how many pets are permitted in each room by the visitors. So, verifying the hotel’s pet policy before making your reservation if you are traveling with many animals is essential.

Amenities for Pets

If you’re traveling with your dog, search for places to eat and things to do close to the hotel. Evaluate the amenities at any hotels you are thinking about booking. Search for dog-friendly beaches, pet-friendly trails, treks to explore with your furry buddy, public gardens or parks to walk your dog in, and other things you can do together.

Pet amenities are crucial while traveling with your pet. They’ll want to sniff about and familiarize themselves with their new surroundings. Inquire with the hotel staff about pet-friendly options in the area. There may be an outside space for pets to relieve themselves at the hotel. Plan activities your pets can participate in since settling into an unfamiliar environment can be stressful for certain animals. They are, after all, a member of the family.

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