How Far is Green River From Other Utah Destinations?

Mar 28, 2024Travel Tips

Ready to embark on a Utah road trip? Whether you’re drawn to the majestic national parks like Arches and Zion or yearning for the serene beauty of the Great Salt Lake, Utah has unforgettable treasures.

If you plan on traveling to Green River, Moab, or Salt Lake City, Utah, you’re in the right place. We will guide you on the best routes to your favorite Utah destinations and highlight must-stop pit stops. We’ll also provide you with guides on road trip destinations near Utah to ensure your adventure never ends!

How Far is it From Green River to Moab?

From Green River to Moab, Utah, you’re looking at around 50 miles to the south. Just hop onto I-70 to US-191, and you’re on your way! The drive is a real feast for the eyes. Between Moab to Green River, you’ll glide past breathtaking red rock formations and wide-open desert vistas that stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s like being in your private nature documentary.

There are some fantastic pit stops from Green River to Moab. If you want to go from Green River to Arches National Park, it’s just five miles from Moab off US-191. Arches National Park is a jaw-dropping landscape of red rock arches and towering spires.

Spend time exploring the stunning scenery, then continue south for another 10 miles to Canyonlands National Park. This park is known for its colorful canyons and mesas. Make sure to snap some photos!

After exploring Canyonlands National Park, detour eastward on UT-313 for around 20 miles to reach Dead Horse Point State Park. Here, you’ll take in the dazzling views of the Colorado River and deep canyons. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic or a hike along the park’s scenic trails. From there, it’s just a short drive of about 30 miles to reach Moab, where even more adventures await.

How Far is it From Green River to Grand Junction, CO?

Are you considering hitting the road from Green River to Grand Junction, CO? Buckle up for a fantastic journey! It’s roughly 120 miles via I-70 E, a simple one-and-a-half-hour drive. You will cruise through breathtaking landscapes, with the Colorado Plateau painting the horizon.

The Journey from Green River to Grand Junction is over an hour, so why not make it an adventure? Swing by the Colorado National Monument, 30 minutes from Grand Junction. This natural wonderland has stunning rock formations and hiking trails galore. Snap some pics, stretch those legs, and breathe fresh air.

You can also head onto I-70 E for another one-and-a-half hours and see the majestic Grand Mesa. This plateau offers epic views, fishing spots, and serene forests. It’s like a nature lover’s dream come true!

Lastly, keep on I-70 E for another 20 minutes, and you’ll find yourself in Palisade, known for its lush vineyards and delicious peaches. Take a sip, indulge in fruity goodness, and soak in the laid-back vibes. Trust us, these stops will make your journey even more memorable!

How Far is it From Green River to Las Vegas?

The adventure from Green River, Utah, to Las Vegas is an epic six-hour journey! Start by hopping on I-70 W and I-15 S and cruise for around 400 miles. It’s a straight shot with some epic desert scenery along the way.

Las Vegas is a magnet for travelers for its glitz, glam, and endless entertainment. Before you hit the strip, why not spice up your journey? Some neat pit stops will make your road trip even more exciting while giving you breaks between this long ride.

Head south on I-70, then veer onto US-89 for Bryce Canyon National Park. Here, you’ll be greeted by the awe-inspiring sight of towering hoodoos and majestic cliffs, making it a photographer’s paradise.

After soaking in the breathtaking views, continue your journey on US-89 toward Zion National Park. This iconic park has stunning red rock formations and picturesque hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts.

Before reaching your final destination, detour the charming town of Springdale, located near Zion, to indulge in local treats and soak up the small-town charm. These stops will add magic to your trip and create unforgettable memories.

How Far is it From Green River to Salt Lake City?

The journey from Green River, Utah, to Salt Lake City is a picturesque drive spanning approximately three hours. It offers scenic views and smooth roads that make the time fly by.

To embark on this adventure, hop onto I-70 W, then merge onto I-15. Along the way, you’ll pass through charming towns and breathtaking landscapes, making each mile an experience to remember. Since it’s a bit of a haul, why not make the most of it with some popular destinations in the area?

First, drive on US-191 N and US-6 for about 55 miles until you reach the captivating town of Price. Nestled amidst stunning landscapes, Price offers a glimpse into Utah’s rich mining history, with attractions like the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum and the nearby Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

After soaking in Price’s charm, continue your adventure on US-6 W for around 75 miles until you reach Provo. This city boasts a vibrant arts scene and access to outdoor adventures in the Wasatch Mountains. Lastly, hop on I-15 N for the final stretch to Salt Lake City, where a world of attractions, culture, and outdoor recreation awaits.

How Far is it From Denver to Green River, Utah?

Have you ever pondered the distance from Denver to Green River, Utah? Brace yourself for an epic road trip! This journey clocks in at around 5 hours, a test of endurance and excitement. Hop on I-70 West and follow it for approximately 330 miles until you reach Green River. You’ll take in breathtaking scenery, winding mountain passes, and quaint towns.

Since it’s the most extended trip we’ve mentioned, consider some detours. First, ride on I-70 W for around 45 miles until you reach the historic town of Georgetown. Step back in time as you explore Victorian-era architecture, scenic hiking trails, and charming shops and eateries.

Next, continue on I-70 W for approximately 53 miles until you reach the charming mountain town of Vail. Known for its world-class skiing, gorgeous landscapes, and cozy alpine villages, Vail is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike.

Lastly, continue west on I-70 for about 150 miles until you reach Grand Junction. This vibrant city in the heart of Colorado offers stunning vistas, outdoor adventures, and a charming downtown scene.

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