Discover the Hidden Advantages of Staying in a Hotel vs Airbnb

Jan 9, 2024Travel Tips

Since the well-known vacation rental platform debuted more than ten years ago, there has been a heated debate about which is better: Airbnb vs. hotels. And with good reason. These two lodging choices are very dissimilar, with a significant disparity between Airbnb vs. hotel pros and cons.

Knowing what you are looking for in a place to stay can help you choose between an Airbnb and a hotel, mainly if price and location are equal. Every option provides a different experience, and your choice will significantly influence the overall quality of your trip. Let’s see if a hotel room or an Airbnb rental is a better option for your next trip!

Introduction: What’s The Difference between Airbnb and Hotel Stays?

Divergent views exist regarding the superiority of Airbnb vs. hotels for lodging. You now have to make an exciting but challenging choice because Airbnb and hotel options appear everywhere.

When staying in a hotel, you expect luxury. You are paying not only for the convenience and location but also for the service. This includes, among other things, 24-hour check-in, housekeeping, and toiletries.

In contrast, Airbnb lets you rent a whole house or room in a shared area for a set price per night. You should not expect any extras or services from Airbnb, and you certainly do not get turn-down service because a cleaning fee is added at the end of each booking.

Hotel rooms are generally preferable to Airbnb stays for vacationing tourists, though this ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you are staying longer, an Airbnb might be a better option.

Airbnb vs. Hotel: Convenience and Ease of Booking

Hotels: Quick and easy reservation process

For years, it has been possible to make hotel reservations online safely. Additionally, travel agencies can make the reservation for you, often cheaper than what is offered to customers online.

Most hotel reservations are binding and immediate, especially when made directly with the supplier (hotel chain). This is one of the most significant benefits of staying in a hotel vs Airbnb.

Checking into a hotel is as simple as walking into the lobby at any time of day or night. There is no need to track down your host to gain access to the property, as is common when staying at an Airbnb.

Additionally, hotels typically offer a more favorable refund policy than Airbnb. Most hotel bookings can be changed or canceled up to the day of arrival or even up to 24 hours beforehand.

Airbnb: Flexibility with a catch

You can easily find availability on Airbnb by narrowing down your search to particular dates. Many hosts typically open their calendars six months or even a year in advance. However, it’s usually necessary to make arrangements to meet someone at the apartment to grant you access, go over any policies or features, and address any concerns you may have when renting a vacation home.

Sometimes, apartment owners will leave you a key to let you in, but this is rarely the case. Traveling internationally can be difficult if you cannot make calls without incurring international roaming charges.

Coordination with an Airbnb host can be more difficult when checking in and out at strange or undefined hours. Because individuals and not professionals manage many Airbnbs, they can cancel your reservation for various reasons. The result could leave you in a difficult situation with few options.

Hotel vs. Airbnb: Quality and Consistency

Hotels: Assured standardization and quality control

Hotels can be a calming and luxurious experience, alone, with a partner or friends. You can typically anticipate a certain level of quality. Larger hotel chains have specific standards that their properties must meet.

Nothing beats sleeping on clean and fresh sheets; this is one of the many quality benefits of staying in a hotel. You can devote more time to relaxing and having fun on vacation and less to cleaning and maintaining your accommodations.

Making your bed before leaving each day would not be a concern.  And after a tiring day out, you will always be welcomed by the tidy and pleasant room. Additionally, room service is available around the clock in case you need to clean something.

Airbnb: Experiences vary by host

The amenities, accessibility, and even sleeping arrangements that Airbnbs provide are far more varied. When booking an Airbnb, keep an open mind because there are fewer standards between accommodations. Additionally, there may be a difference in Airbnb accommodations between those solely for rentals and those of the host’s primary residence. You can read reviews of previous travelers’ experiences to understand better what to expect. You can also rate your own experiences to assist future travelers in planning their trips.

The Difference between Hotel and Airbnb Pricing

Hotels: Potential for discounts and loyalty programs

One massive difference between an Airbnb and a hotel is the latter’s loyalty program features. Most hotel chains have long-standing loyalty programs that can offer substantial advantages like free nights or upgrades, discounts, or promotions whenever they see fit.

These points can be redeemed for additional services that do not cost extra, like spa services, restaurant gift cards, upgraded classrooms, in-room newspaper delivery, and concert tickets. Loyalty programs can lower the cost of hotel stays and increase their appeal to regular visitors.

Additionally, some hotels provide a continental breakfast, which can help reduce eating-out costs.

Airbnb: Flexibility in pricing, but with added fees

If you are traveling with others, Airbnb might be more affordable. An apartment or house with several bedrooms can often be far less expensive for groups than hotel rooms required to accommodate the same number of people. However, you should know the additional costs associated with Airbnb stays.

Airbnb rates have soared recently, and for the most part, that is the case. Not only have the actual rental costs increased, but the additional costs are excessive. Your rental may cost almost twice as much as the nightly rate due to service fees (paid to Airbnb), cleaning costs (determined by the owner), and local occupancy taxes and fees.

Occupancy taxes apply to your reservation, which is computed automatically by the platform, depending on the city, state, or nation where you are making your reservation. The extra occupancy tax can significantly increase your overall cost in popular tourist locations like Manhattan. This is a crucial reason why hotels are better than Airbnbs.

 Airbnb vs. Hotel: Safety and Security

Hotels: Professional security measures and protocols

One must feel secure and safe to unwind and take in the surroundings, especially when traveling to a new place.  There is a certain level of comfort that you reserve a secure place to stay, regardless of booking a boutique hotel or a big chain hotel. The entry door to your hotel room will typically have a chain lock or a deadbolt.

Someone is usually on duty at a hotel’s front desk or reception area. In certain instances, hotels also have security officers on duty. Additionally, hotels typically have well-practiced safety procedures that have been in place for years and well-lit public spaces with security cameras.

In-room safes safeguard guests’ jewelry, electronics, and other small valuables for added security. Guests may have recourse through the hotel’s management if an item is stolen from a hotel room.

Airbnb: Varied safety features

Because Airbnb is by definition different from other forms of lodging, they also have different safety procedures and policies than hotels, which may unnerve some visitors. Since Airbnbs are essentially private residences or spaces owned by individuals, it is more challenging to assess a property’s level of security.

It’s impossible to know what state the facilities are in or what security measures are in place unless a guest has stayed with a particular host multiple times and built a rapport with them. The doors may feel flimsy, the windows might not lock, and the previous visitor might still wander around with the key.

Because there is typically no safe for guests to use at Airbnbs and no way to know who has access to the property, guests should be exceptionally watchful of their belongings. If something is lost or seems stolen, the only option is to report it to the police. Renting an Airbnb also comes with the risk that your host will monitor you with a hidden camera.


Hotels: Wide range of amenities

One advantage of staying in a hotel is that visitors know what to expect when they get there. Hotels have a set itinerary, and most hotels in the same chain are identical, giving them access to all the amenities a traveler could need.

Hotels exist only to serve travelers. Extra sheets, blankets, toiletries, hair dryers, cable, and a 24-hour front desk service are standard amenities at a hotel at no extra charge. Most travelers who stay at a hotel are stepping away from the everyday chores of home and are content to let housekeeping make the bed and clean the bathroom.

Other relatively typical features include an in-house bar, luxurious spas, and fitness centers. In many cases, a reservation also includes a continental or buffet breakfast. For weary travelers who are too exhausted to venture outside, many hotels offer room service (at an additional fee, of course). Some hotels even give in-room massages, spa services, and other amenities.

Standard amenities for businesses include workstations, meeting rooms, and computers.

Airbnb: May or may not include amenities

An Airbnb’s amenities, in contrast, are meant to make the accommodation feel less impersonal and more at home. Guest stay is meant to be different, cozy, and homelike—and theoretically, less expensive than a stay in a hotel.

When guests choose an Airbnb, they can choose family rooms with large, comfortable couches and TVs with giant screens and streaming services, as well as kitchens with breakfast stations and all the appliances of a professional kitchen.

However, it’s important to note that amenities vary from listing to listing. Some hosts may provide a fully stocked kitchen with all the essential culinary utensils; however, others may have limited supplies; you must check the listing description and reviews thoroughly to ensure that the amenities you want are available.

Airbnb is a great way to make travel more affordable. So, while you’ll save on accommodation costs, breakfast and other basic features may not always be included.

Customer Service

Hotels: 24/7 front desk assistance and dedicated staff

The front desk is the soul of a hotel, offering visitors round-the-clock service and support. Most hotels have people on duty at the front desk 24 hours a day, well through the week, guaranteeing that customers receive help and support anytime.

In addition, front desk employees take care of reservations, process payments, and keep track of visitors. They must also be well-versed in the hotel’s features, nearby sites, and dining establishments because they frequently act as a concierge for visitors who need advice and help organizing their schedules.

Employees around the clock provide a significant boost to security since they guarantee that someone is constantly on hand to keep an eye on the facility, ensure visitors are secure, and act promptly in an emergency. From handling unforeseen issues, making last-minute reservations, and checking in late at night, visitors can count on the professional staff to help.

Airbnb: Communication with hosts may or may not be prompt

The vast differences in host dependability and lodging quality present a significant challenge when booking through Airbnb. It’s usually the host’s duty to address your concerns. However, this isn’t always the case.

Although many hosts are conscientious and ensure visitors have a good time, occasionally, hosts might not accurately describe their rental in the listing. You’ll rarely find full-time employees at Airbnb properties to handle any problems you might encounter.

The choice to resolve or not resolve the problems rests with each host on Airbnb. Guests may find it challenging to anticipate what to expect due to this lack of consistency, which could lead to a disappointing stay.

Why Hotels are better than Airbnb: Final Verdict

From a quality and long-term cost savings perspective, hotels are a safer bet. When it comes to short-term vacations, romantic weekend trips, or business getaways, they are the most fantastic choice. They offer greater convenience and luxury. A hotel is preferable regarding cost, location, and overall pros.

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